Club Pairs Championship

The final of the Club Pairs was held on Sunday 24th September with 8 pairs competing.
At the end of the two rounds scores were tied. Equal first with 52.70% were Rod Bell/Wayne Morgan and Pam Robinson/Christo Moskovsky.
Equal third with 51.20% were Paul McGrath/Chris Dibley and Diana Ellis/Chris Ellis.

After the tie was broken, according to the NSWBA Tournament Regulations, Wayne and Rod finished just ahead of Pam and Christo to be crowned the 2017 champions.

Pianola Trial

The club has started a three month trial of Pianola. Pianola is a service for bridge clubs that provides players with a personal history of their bridge results, analysis of their performance by role and by partner, a member directory and a partner-finder. Players can also get data on their bidding accuracy and card play, and replay hands with card-by-card guidance. For details of Pianola for players click Player Details 

All members with an email address will receive an email with an invitation to access these features by creating a username and password.

Pianola is also a simple yet powerful set of management tools to assist in the  administration of a bridge club .For details of Pianola for clubs click Club Details


Hunter Region GNOT Regional Final

The GNOT regional final for the Hunter Region will be held at the Newcastle Bridge Club on Sunday 27th August. Teams from bridge clubs throughout the region will be competing for the three positons available to progress to the national finals which will be held at the Tweed Ultimate Resort in Tweed Heads from Friday 24th November to Monday 27th November 2017.

 Play will commence 9.30am sharp. The format will be 6 x ten board matches, three before lunch and three after lunch. Lunch will not be provided so players are requested to bring their own.  Drinks and snacks will be provided at the conclusion of play.

Country Teams Regional Final

The Hunter Country Teams Regional Final will be held on Sunday 4th June at the Newcastle Bridge Club.
Play will commence at 9.30 am sharp and players are requested to arrive by 9.00 am for registration.

Swiss Teams consisting of 6 x 10 board matches.

Tea and coffee are available and morning tea and post match nibbles and drinks will be provided.
Lunch is not provided so players should to bring their own.

2017 Graded Pairs

The 2017 Graded Pairs competition will commence Friday 3rd February.  Every session, played on the 1st Friday of each month until November, will be split into 2 grades, an A Grade and a B Grade. The grade in which a pair will play is to be determined by the combined total of their MP’s.  Players with a combined total of 600 or more MP’s will play in A Grade a while players with a combined total less than 600 MP’s will play in B Grade. The B Grade, although played as one section, will contain a  C Grade section for players with under 150 MP’s.

The winners of all grades will be determined from the best aggregated scores from 7 of the 10 weeks. Substitutes are permissible.  A prize pool for the event will be generated from an entry fee of $5 per player increased by an additional $7.50 per player from the Club.  All money will be returned as prizes.

Entry forms have been posted on the notice board. Entry to the event will be possible up to and including  5th May.

For an explanation of the Rules attached to entry and participation click fri-graded-pairs-regulations

Hands at the Club #7 by Chris Dibley

Wed Daytime, 30th Nov, Dealer:N, Vul:All

Don’t Give Up – There May a 2nd Chance!!

This is good advice that I should have remembered when a bit of over enthusiastic bidding on my part saw us in 6NT on 30 HCP, after 1♣, 1; 1♠, 2 (forcing); 3NT, 6NT.

BD: 13 ♠T754 Dlr: N
A5 Vul: All
♠K8 ♠Q632
T98743 Q6
T874 652
♣J ♣Q1097

The opening lead was the ♣7 and when I saw dummy, I was hoping for 4 clubs (needs clubs 3-2), 4 diamonds, 3 hearts if ♥Q onside and 1 spade.

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Hands at the Club #6 by Chris Dibley

Club Mixed Teams, 17th November, Dealer: W, Vul: All

Bidding Slams – the Useful Splinter Bid

It’s not often you get to bid a cold 26 HCP grand slam, but it shows the power of good fit with aces opposite singletons. The hand at the right came up in round 3 of the mixed teams match and only Greg and Sharon Mayo found the grand slam (most stopped in 6♠).


BD: 20 Dlr: W
KT832 Vul: All
♠AKJ9764 ♠Q852
7 AJ654
A732 8

A splinter bid is a (usually double) jump bid in a side suit showing

  •   4+ support,
  •   at least game values and
  •   a singleton or void in the suit bid.

This hand was perfect for it after West opened 1♠. East jumped to 4, showing the singleton, with 4+ spades and game values. West asked Roman Key Card Blackwood 4NT*, and was answered with 5♠ showing ♠Q and 2 key cards (both missing aces in this case). West simply bid 7♠ which was cold as she could ruff his 3 small diamonds (even if North could lead a trump) and make a 13 imp pickup.

Talk it over with your regular partner(s) and add this useful tool to your conventions. (Most better partnerships use it.)

*See Bridge at the Club #4

This and earlier Bridge at the Club articles are at


New Restricted Playing Session

A new session for restricted players will commence on Thursday 10th November, 9:30am to 1:00pm.. 

  • Restricted to players with <150  MPs as at 30th September 2016
  • Run in conjunction with a Supervised session
  • Will have a Non Playing Director who will direct the restricted session and supervise the supervised play
  • Standby Players Available for Supervised play only