Beginners lessons resumed on 13th July.

Beginners Lessons
The next course of bridge lessons for beginners will begin on Thursday 4th February 2021. Lessons will be held at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm and  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Lessons are mainly practical, while theory is kept to a minimum.
Lessons cost $10 each.  A booklet of course notes can be purchased for $15.

If you are interested in playing bridge and these times do not suit or if you are returning to bridge, we encourage you to contact us by phone, text or email as alternative arrangements could be made.

For more details, or to register for the lessons, contact:       ,
Caroline Carey – mobile   0437 320 771     Email:  carey48@bigpond.com
Janet Hill          – mobile   0408 449 599

Improvement Lessons are suspended due to Covid-19.

Paul Rooms and Ken Wilks are returning in 2020 with their popular lessons.

Paul Rooms will present 6 lessons 1.30 t0 3.30 on Friday afternoons from March 6th with a break over Easter.
Topics: Responses to 1NT, invitational and game forcing bids, pre-emps and responses, overcalls, competitive bidding, limit bids, openings in 3rd and 4th seat.

Ken Wilks will present 3 lessons on Responses to 1 of a Major in May held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm with repeats on Friday afternoons.
Topics: Bergen raises, Jacoby, raises showing 3 card support, splinter bids, trial bids, cue bid raises.

Cost $10 per lesson. Comprehensive notes will be provided.

For more details, or to register for Improvement lessons contact:
Vincia Martin – mobile 0478 937 935       Email: Vincia.J.Martin@gmail.com
You can also register by adding your name to the list at the club.