Rookie Row

The committee has decided to introduce a “Rookie Row” in the Wednesday session starting on Wednesday 4th March at 10am. This will be for a trial period of two months.

To be eligible all players must have fewer than 20 Masterpoints as at 29th February 2020.

Play will start and end at the same time as the main session but the boards will be scored separately. A standby player will be available.

We encourage you to support this initiative.

Club Pairs Championship

Open Restricted
1st Janet Hill & Bernie Adcock 1st June & John Waudby
2nd Roy Hardy & Don  Miller 2nd Kerrie Norris & Howard Bridgman
3rd Wayne Smith & Grant Cowen 3rd Alison Lea & Drew Cowen

Janet Hill & Bernie Adcock                                          June & John Waidby