Club Pairs Championship

The Club Pairs Championship will be held at the club on Sunday 2nd May commencing at 9:30am. This is a Red Point event and is qualifying for the State Pairs final which will be held at the NSWBA on November 20-21.

Entries close at 6:00pm on Wednesday 28th April. The event will not be held if fewer than 12 pairs enter.

Please enter by registering in the Events Calendar on the website.





The Australian Bridge Federation has announced that the new technology platform is now live. The MyABF platform will support bridge across Australia for the ABF, state and territory organisations, clubs and of course all Australian bridge players.

For full details of  what MyABF does and how to sign up click MyABF



Rookie Row

The committee has decided to introduce a “Rookie Row” in the Wednesday session starting on Wednesday 4th March at 10am. This will be for a trial period of two months.

To be eligible all players must have fewer than 20 Masterpoints as at 29th February 2020.

Play will start and end at the same time as the main session but the boards will be scored separately. A standby player will be available.

We encourage you to support this initiative.